What’s Good in the Podcast Hood

Title too cheesy? Too bad! I’ve fallen in love with the wonderful world of podcasts and can’t look back. Below I describe a few of my favorite podcasts and give you a go-to episode to start with. Be sure to comment and tell me what podcasts YOU are listening to, so we can all spread the podcast love!

The Big Boo Cast

Author/blogger besties Sophie Hudson and Melanie Shankle join forces for an hour or so of simple conversations between two hilarious women. Their favorite topics include skin-care products, commiseration about the heat in the south, SEC sports, online shopping, Netflix finds and raising teenagers in the modern world. As I type this out, I realize only a few of the topics above apply to me, but I eat up every episode because these two friends are adorably funny, incredibly down-to-earth and so genuine. You will feel like the third best friend! [Fun fact, Sophie was my psychology teacher in high school! 😄]

Starter Episode: “The Big Boo Cast, Episode 86”

While you’re at it, check out two of my favorite books from Sophie and Melanie, here and here!

The Popcast with Knox and Jamie

Knox and Jamie are your experts on all things pop culture, and this misfit pair will have you laughing-out-loud at their sassy and often salty opinions. Some of my favorite episodes include “The NOs of _____,” where the hosts take down everything that’s wrong with topics from motherhood to Halloween.

Starter Episode: “The NOs of Weddings 2019”


Don’t panic when you see the red “E” box! Very few of these episodes have bad language (maybe one or two if it directly relates to the story), so be prepared, but you will be pleasantly surprised. Each episode, Gimlet media host Jonathan Goldstein joins one individual in their search for answers from something of their past that often, in one form or another, affects his or her present. Fans of Who Do You Think You Are? or Long Lost Family will love it. (Thanks for the recommendation, Eric!)

Starter Episode: #14 Isabel

That Sounds Fun with Annie F. Downs

I hope many of you are already listening to this podcast, because it is a gem! Annie is a fun, insightful and refreshing voice in this hectic world. She has a pure heart that shines through her conversations with different guests, and her love for fellowship and community is almost tangible. (P.S. – If you haven’t read her latest book, Remember God  , go buy it right now!)


Starter Episode: Soooo many. Try Lysa Terkeurst, Myquillyn Smith, Jeremy + Audrey Roloff or Christine Caine

Jen Said What?!

Some might say I’m the opposite of a Catholic mom (Protestant single gal here 🙋🏼‍♀️), but I absolutely LOVE Jen Fulwiler. A former atheist-turned-ardent-believer, Jen has a unique perspective on faith and what it means to follow Christ in everyday life. She is incredibly smart, a brilliant writer (see her book here) and an excellent, dry-wit comedian. This podcast takes parts of her weekly radio show on Sirius XM and loops them together for a weekly overview.


Starter Episode: *REPOSTED* Podcast for Week Ending 2/22/19

10 Things to Tell You

This brand new podcast came to life in January, and it’s been going strong ever since! Hosted by the lovely Laura Tremaine, the show tackles everyday life topics like reading, family rules, journaling, friendship and more. At first I thought it sounded too self-helpish for my taste, but as I listened to the first episode, I was hooked. Laura is genuine, gentle, diplomatic and welcoming. She handles tough topics with gravity and respect. On certain episodes, she invites listeners of the show to contribute with a 30-second comment, and it’s so fun to hear from other women all over the world exploring a relevant topic.

Starter Episode:  Where Do You Live?

One Year Bible Podcast

This one is pretty self explanatory! If you’re trying to become more familiar with the Bible or read through the entire book, this podcast is a great supplementary tool. I’m not naturally an audible learner, but this podcast has been helpful when I’m traveling and on an unusual schedule, or when I simply want to spend some extra time meditating on God’s Word.

Starter Episode: Wherever you want!


The Next Right Thing

Brought to you by a woman with the voice of an angel, this podcast with Emily P. Freeman feels like a breath of fresh air. Emily calmly and serenely guides listeners through various elements of the decision-making process, which is an area where I can always use extra advice! The tone of the podcast is gentle, reflective and uplifting. Plus, the episodes are normally between 10-20 minutes long, so they’re easily digestible.


Starter Episode: Don’t Take Offense (It’s a GOOD ONE.)

Good Job, Brain!

I love this podcast with my whole nerdy heart, and I’m so sad that they haven’t released an episode in over a year. NEVERTHELESS, it is such a great podcast, so I’m going to tell you about it anyway! This show started when four friends who played pub trivia decided to share the fun with a podcast audience. Each episode covers a different theme, and each individual makes up some kind of quiz. You play along with the other hosts, and you will learn so many fascinating tid-bits of information that you never knew you needed! (For example, do you know the story about the tidal wave of molasses that nearly destroyed the city of Boston? Didn’t think so! Listen here.)


Starter Episode: Lost in Translation

Keep It Real with Rachel Sinclair

Whaaaaat? How did this podcast sneak its way in here? I guess I can’t help but recommend my own podcast, because I really do love the conversations that have aired on the show! My goal for the podcast is threefold: I want you to laugh. I want you to learn something. And I want you to walk away a little closer in your walk with God, wherever you are on that journey. Every episode features a unique guest, and I’ve been honored to sit down with some really cool people. I hope you’ll check it out!


Starter Episode: Episode 2 –  Angie Sinclair (My Mom!)  or Episode 8 – Melissa Radke

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