My favorite things

Welcome to my site! I don’t believe in doing anything without a purpose, so I want to explain why I made this blog. I wanted to create a space where I could share with others three things I’m passionate about: people, faith and every day.


I love people and their stories. Every individual has a unique experience, and we can learn so much from others. The “Celeb Sit Down” section of this blog features exclusive interviews with celebrities to give you an inside view of their daily lives. I’ve interviewed people from all walks of life, from a college student with cancer to the 1951 Miss America. With every conversation, I am reminded that people are truly fascinating. I hope this blog will inspire you to take a fresh look at the people in your life and challenge you to learn from them.


I have found life, love and joy in my relationship with God through Christ Jesus. Whether you believe in Jesus, have questions about Christianity or don’t have an opinion at all, I hope that you will explore this site and enjoy learning about my faith. I believe that the Bible is God’s Word and that Jesus is the only way for people to reconcile with Him. If you want to learn more about Jesus, I suggest reading the book of John. As always, you can email me at rachel@rachelsinclair.net.


Not “everyday” the adjective, but every single, individual day that we get to laugh, love and explore God’s world. We all have dreams—as we should! But it can be easy to focus on big goals and forget that each day is a delicious treat with a short expiration date. Through this blog, I will encourage you to treasure the small, everyday moments that truly color our lives.





Every Day